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Installation Instructions for LEX-RBD-MC: Monte Carlo Rear Bumper Deco

Materials Needed:
Grease Pencil                    Degreaser Agent
Clean Rags                    7447 Scotch Brite Pad
Isopropyl Alcohol

We have made the installation of the Rear Bumper Deco as easy as possible, yet we advise you read the entire instructions CAREFULLY.  Take your time and use some craftsmanship.  The end results will be worth the effort!

1.  Prior to mounting the LEX-RBD-MC, check-fit the part to the vehicle.

2.  Hold the part up to the vehicle and use a grease pencil to indicate where the tape lines will be.  The mounting tape has been pre-applied to the part for ease of installation.  At this time, refer to Painting Instruction for proper application of painting.

3.  To prepare the vehicle for installation, use a degreaser agent and a 7447 Scotch Brite pad to scrub the vehicle paint where the tape will be applied.

4.  The scrubbed surface should be dull.  If any shiny parts show, repeat the process on those areas.

5.  Using a clean, dry rag and Isopropyl Alcohol, clean the scrubbed surface to remove any residue.

6.  Remove the protective cover on the mounting tape found on the LEX-RBD-MC.  It is very important to keep the tape surface clean of dust and fingerprints after removal of the protective cover.

7.  Hold the part to the vehicle in the position as Step #2.

8.  Place the LEX-RBD-MC to the vehicle beginning at one end and working toward the other end.  Press the part to the vehicle, allowing the tape to adhere.  If the part misaligned, immediate removal of the part and re-installation will still produce adhesion.  If the part is left in place for 2 or 3 minutes prior to removal, we recommend that the tape is removed and new tape applied.

9.  Once the part has been installed, using the tape, apply even pressure using the palm of your hand to the surface where the tape adheres to the vehicle.  Do this several times to ensure good surface contact.

10. The center piece must be siliconed into place.  Do not use the factory mounting bolt.

11.  Do not drive the vehicle for twelve (12) hours after completion of the installation. Maintain a minimum of 50°F during this time.

LEX-RBD-MC: Painting Instructions

Materials Needed

Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol or Powder Cleaning Agent  (i.e. STP of Spic-n-Span)
Medium Scotch-Brite pad
Flexible Urethane Primer
Flexible Urethane Paint
Clean Rag
400 Grit Sandpaper

·Read all instructions before starting to paint. Failure to read all instructions and act in accordance with them any void warranty.
·Any parts which have been sanded, painted or otherwise defaced will not be approved for credit or return.
·Do not use solvent-based cleaners.  Solvents may damage paint finish.

1.  Clean and scrub all surfaces thoroughly with a medium 3-M Scotch-Brite pad using Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol or a power cleaning agent.  Do not use solvent-based cleaners.

2.  After part has dried, the surface should be dull and slightly scratched.

3.  For any remaining shiny areas on the part, repeat Step #1 until the entire surface is dull and slightly scratched.  Allow surface to dry.

4.  With a clean dry rag, clean the dry surface of the LEX-RBD-MC to eliminate any foreign particles.

5.  Prime the part using standard flexible urethane primer.  Please check with a paint supplier to choose the best primer for use with urethane parts.

6.  Allow primer to dry completely.

7.  Sand the primer using 400 grit sandpaper.

8. With a clean dry rag, simply clean the dry surface to the LEX-RBD-MC to eliminate any foreign particles.

9.  Paint the part using flexible urethane paint, following the paint manufacturer’s directions.