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# 2

Installation Instructions for Stage I or Stage II Ground Effects Package

We have made the installation of this product as simple as possible, yet we advise that you read the entire instructions CAREFULLY. Take your time and apply some craftsmanship. The results will be worth the effort!

Tools Needed: 7/16’ Wrench  Drill and Drill Bit Set  Phillips Screwdriver  Felt Pen  2” Masking Tape

We recommend that you install your ground effects  before painting, in case trimming is needed.  It is easier to install freshly painted panels if the holes are  pre-drilled.  It is also recommended that silicone be used in all  inserts to prevent bolts from backing out.   Prepare your vehicle body for installation by placing two rows of 2” masking tape along the bottom of your door (photo 5). When installing each panel of the package, check for fit so that each panel fits snug against the body.  If needed, take a sanding block with 80 grit sand paper and block areas needed  so they are straight and align with the body when bolted down, or see Special Notes and Adjusting the Fit.

Fiberglass is a form of plastic. If it heats up it can change forms , resulting in gaps between your part and body. We could make out parts to fit on your vehicle as straight as an arrow, but during the summer heat they would expand which would result in gaps between the part and the body. We intentionally placed bows in our parts to create pressure against the body in between attachment points, at all times and in any weather conditions, to stop this problem.

Think of it this way, there are 12 inches to 20 ½ inches on G-body vehicles between the rear door jam and the front of the rear wheel well and the attachment points are at either far end. There is nothing to hold the parts against your body between these points. With the bows you must push in on the parts to install, but what ever pressure you push in will transfer to the parts pressure against the body. Do not worry, you will not break the parts installing in this manner.

Place the main rocker inside lower door jam and align by hand for proper fit. If either far end is too tight, start at the back and sand down. You do not want a tight fit or the rocker may crack, (photo 1). Please note that the most important hole and screw, you install is the first one. If the first one is correct, the rest will fall into place. Your carpet retaining bracket (that says Body by Fisher) has four screws holding it down. Simply follow these screws down to find hole location for main rocker installation. Drill and install four 1/2” sheet metal screws and small washers in horizontal and one vertical for seals, (photo 2 and 3.) Next, go to the rear of the main rocker and press in as you drill and install 3/4” sheet metal screw and small washer, (photo 4). Repeat the same for the front, (photo 5). If  gaps appear, pull out at the bottom of front and or rear of the main rocker and install a second 3/4” sheet metal screw and small washer about 3” lower from the first attachment point.

After you have taped up the entire lower door, (4” up from bottom), hold the door panel up against the door and trace around it with your marker for an even fit, (block sand edges of door panel if needed). Check to assure door pieces align with the top of the main rocker in front and rear and they are evenly spaced on the door as well. Place door panel on the cardboard box you received, and trace with your marker. Cut out cardboard template just inside trace line so the template will fit inside the door piece. With template inside door piece, press hard enough so the four inserts make a mark on the inside of the cardboard. With a screwdriver,  make holes where the marks are on the template. Tape template on you door where you have already traced. Now you can mark the door piece hole placement. Drill holes with 3/8” drill bit, but make sure that the window is rolled up or you will break your window.

NOTE: When drilling door holes, window should always be UP! After holes are drilled, you must take off lower half of interior door panel so you can reach center inserts. To do this simply remove the Phillips screws in bottom of arm rest and slide arm rest forward. Next remove two more Phillips screws from behind are rest. Pull out on outside of door pieces with various lengths hex bolts and washers.

Remove the lower half of your inside door panel by removing the two screws in the arm rest and slide forward. Behind the arm rest, remove the two screws that must be removed. With two screwdrivers placed between the steel door and the lower door panel, pry the white clip all the way around the bottom half. Slide the door panel forward to remove. With various lengths of hex bolts and washers, install both outside attachment points. Repeat the same for the inside attachment points

G-body car rear quarter installation - first you must place 2” masking tape where the back rear quarter insert will mount. Repeat door pieces instructions to find hole placement. After marked and drilled with 3/8” drill bit,  install a 1/4 x 20 x 1/2” hex bolt, one 1/4” flat washer, one 3/8” thin flat washer, and two 1/2” thick flat washers. The insert head will fit inside the thick washer to provide needed spacing for tightening, but only install loosly at first. Place rear quarter inside the rear of the rear wheel well and drill and install a 3/4” sheet metal screw and small washer. Finally, pull the rear quarter out slightly at the bottom and drill and install the second 1/4” sheet metal screw and small washer. Tighten all hardware.

El Camino rear quarter installation - place rear quarter in mounting position. Install one 1/4”  sheet metal screw and small flat washer near the top of the rear quarter, inside the rear of the rear wheel well. Go to the far end of the rear quarter and install 1/4” sheet metal screw and small washer at the bed hump. Pull out slightly at the bottom of the rear quarter and install the second 1/4” sheet metal screw and small washer just below the first one.

El Camino ZZ Quarter Installation - Remove left and right side marker lights and disconnect lens form light. Drill outside marker attachment holes in the rear with 1/4” drill bit. Put side marker pigtail through rear quarter panel and reinstall into lens. Attach lens and rear quarter with 1 1/2” sheet metal screws back onto body, loosely. Place rear quarter inside of the rear wheel well. Drill and install two 3/4” sheet metal screws and small washers. Please note: About 3” of the bumper end of the ZZ quarter must be trimmed for proper fill with the bumper. Trim as little as possible so the quarter will fit behind the bumper. Don’t worry about the cut, as the bumper will cover it.

Final Note: Just prior to final tightening we suggest you place a black double side body tape on the tops of all your ground effects pieces. You can find this tape at any paint supply store. It is made by 3-M and is item # 2760. This tape will help cut down any squeaking.