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Installation Instructions for El Camino Roll Pan

We have made the installation instructions of the Roll Pan as easy as possible, yet we advise that you read the entire instructions CAREFULLY. Take your time and use some craftsmanship. The results will be worth the effort!

Remove taillights from rear bumper and unscrew pigtails from taillights.  Pull pigtail through inner bumper and remove bumper and bumper mounting brackets from frame horns, (El Caminos do not have bumper shocks at the rear).

If you would like to have some protection (and we strongly suggest you do) you can purchase a piece of rectangular steel tubing that is 58 inches long, by 2 inches wide, and 1 inch thick, (the steel should be at least 10 to 12 gauge steel).  For additional support, two bars can be used and bolted to the top and bottom of rear frame horns.  Lauren Engineering makes no warranty implied or otherwise that this product offers any protection what-so-ever in the event of an accident or crash.

Remove rubber filler under tailgate and both rubber side fillers. Drill the Roll Pan slots (3 holes) and into the bed.  Install the Roll Pan  and secure with 1 ½ “ sheet metal screws and  #10 small flat washers. On the Roll Pans with factory taillight openings, locate tabs.  All other Roll Pans, the tabs are located at the bottom of outsides.   Drill and secure these tabs with  ¾ “ sheet metal screws and #10 flat washers (Photo A).  

The ZR-1 Roll Pan will have two pigtails included.  You can: 1) fit both factory small taillights into the outer ZR-1 opening,  or 2) splice the new pigtail into the shortest factory taillight  and pull the longest factory taillight bulb,  (photo B).  For any Roll Pan with license plate, cut out the square to secure license plate light (Photo C).

To fill the gap between the bed and Roll Pan, you can cut and reinstall the long rubber filler previously removed.  For gaps between the Roll Pan and the side of the bed, follow the “Special Instructions” included. These gaps exist because the factory bent the sheet metal around the back bed humps and hand-slopped a filler to seal.  No two El Camino beds are the same.  

Reinstall and check all the lights.  You are ready to hit the Bricks!