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Installation Instructions for El Camino Tailgate

We have made the installation of the Tailgate as easy as possible, yet we advise that you read the entire instructions CAREFULLY. Take your time and apply some craftsmanship. The results will be worth the effort!

NOTE: This is a fiberglass tailgate. Please treat it as such to prevent damage!

Bed Adjustments
A) Bed Adjustment- Loosen large Phillips screw and hex bolt for in and out adjustments, slight up and down adjustments.

B) Tailgate Adjustment- Loosen both Phillips screws for slight in and out, up and down adjustments.

C) Tailgate Adjustments- Up and down, in and out, side to side adjustments. This is the most versatile adjustment on your tailgate. You may have to remove the two hex bolts and spray some lubricate to release these adjustments. It must move freely for adjustments. Once lubricated and cleaned from debris, reinstall bracket and both hex bolts, loosely, to pry free. If GM spacers are present, remove and work from there. GM spacers may be used for additional out-spacing.

D) License Plate Housing- Four hex bolts retain the license plate housing and must be removed to do this installation.

E) Tailgate Release Handle Mounts- The handle and two Phillips screws must be removed to have access to linkage.

To start your tailgate removal, simply loosen all Philips screws and hex bolts in photo A, B & C on both sides. Remove the four hex bolts in photo D. Remove the license plate housing and wiring. Remove the hex bolt on the tailgate, (B). When removing the other side, support the tailgate so it does not fall. With a hammer, lightly tap on the pointed end of the pin that holds the tailgate to the bed bracket (C). The tailgate can be removed.

Place your Tailgate in a secure location next to your new tailgate. Remove the Phillips screw in the center of the tailgate release handle, (you may need to pry slightly to remove handle). Remove the two Philips screws on either side of the handle (E). Once released, it will fall down on the back side of you tailgate. Now it can be pulled down to the license plate or access door opening for removal.

Remove one of the tailgate release steel arms by pulling out on the bottom clips and pulling up on the steel arm. Note: Only one side needs to be removed, (Photo F). You will now be able to pull the steel arm with lock from one side, repeat the same for the other side, (Photo G).

To reinstall tailgate locks, simply turn your tailgate on one side and feed the steel arm (still attached to the lock) down inside the gate until it aligns with the attachment hole (G). Once aligned, reinstall the two large Phillips screws, loosely. Do the same for reverse side (B). Replace steel arm into gate release and reinstall clip (F). Place the tailgate release back into mounting position and install the two Phillips screws either side of handle pin. Reinstall handle and tighten all three screws (E).

Place the tailgate into mounting position and reinstall the pointed gate pins to attach to bed (C). Holding the gate release handle open, gently close the gate to see what side to side alignment is needed. To align the gate gaps, place provided spacer washers on the flat side of the gate pin (C). Please refer to “Bed Adjustments” for final alignments.

We have made the Tailgate so you do not need to use the clips in install the top chrome piece. The back side of your new tailgate has the proper angle to align, drill our holes and reinstall the factory sheet metal screws. Small adjustments may be made by simply changing the angle or depth of the attachment points with a sanding block and 80 grit sandpaper.

Reinstall license plate housing, wiring, or inspection plate and you’re ready to Hit the Bricks.