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Basic Knowledge

       When buying a Ground Effects Package you first need to know if you would like to keep your bumpers or do away with them. If you decided to keep them, then you should pick the six piece of seven piece package. 

       The six piece rear quarters bolts inside of the rear wheel well, taper down and end at the bumper. The three piece rear wrap bolts inside the rear wheel well, wraps all the way around the back of your vehicle to the other wheel well.  The wrap is indicated by an “A” in the part number. For example LEX-1-A-EL Once you have decided if a six piece or a seven piece package is correct for you, then you can choose a style. We have three styles: any LEX-1 is the basic package with no side vents, LEX-2 was designed after the 1990-92 Camaro Z-28 or IROC and stage III  LEX-3 has sting ray side vents in the main rockers. NOTE: There is no stage on the rear wraps or quarters, only on the main rockers and front spoilers.

Please remember not all of the styles are available for each car.

Standard Six Piece Ground Effects Package

This is a standard six piece ground effects package. It comes with 2 door pieces, 2 main rockers and 2 rear quarters. This is the LEX-1-EL.

This is a standard seven piece ground effects package. It comes with 2 door pieces, 2 main rockers and a 3 piece rear wrap. This is the LEX-1-A-EL. The "A" in any of our ground effects packages indicates that it has a rear wrap.

Different Styles of Ground Effect Packages

Stage I: This is the basic style for a smooth look all around.

Stage II: This package is supposed to resemble the 1990-92 Camaro Z-28 or IROC style.

Stage III: This package is supposed to resemble the old Sting Ray Vents.

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